THK Gökçen Havacılık, Altındağ / Ankara / Türkiye
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    THK Balloons

    With 130 passenger capacy,
    one of the the world's largest balloon companies.

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    Come along with your loved ones,
    and live a moment you will not forget..

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About Us "what we do,how we do"

Established within the Turkish Aeronautical Assosiation under the name of THK Gökçen Aviation Economic Enterprise, within many fields of activity contributing to the progress of civilian, sportive and touristic aviation, we conduct a balloon operation licensed by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport, with the Operating License No. TR-B-015. The first balloon flight in Turkey was performed in 1983 in the Cappadocia region by THK.

In addition to the activity that started in Cappadocia 30 years ago, in 2012, it was decided that Pamukkale region, due to the suitable geographical and meteorological structure, as well as being an attractive turistical destination, would be a good choice for a new balloon flight operation.

With 12 Hot Air Balloons in our possesion :

4 Balloons with a total capacity of 80 passengers in the Cappadocia region,

2 Balloons with a total of 40 passengers capacity in the Pamukkale region,

1 Balloon with a total of 15 passengers capacity in the Polatlı region,

6 balloons of various capacities for our commercial flight operations which are being carried out all over Turkey in response to requests.

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